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I am an ambitious software engineer that believes in continuous learning and loves problem solving, challenges, and thinking outside of the box. After graduating John Jay College with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, I wanted to create a Taishanese web application and a mobile application. While learning the various technologies involved and enjoying the process, I realized my passion for web development. This made me want to apply to FullStack Academy, where I learned various technologies such as React, Redux, Thunk, PostgreSQL, and more. Now, I am ready to start the next chapter of my career as a software engineer. During my free time, though, I enjoy tinkering with projects, watching documentaries, playing Tetris, and tending my succulents.


  • Proficient: JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Git, HTML, CSS, React, Redux, React-Redux, Sequelize
  • Knowledgeable: PostgreSQL, Ruby, Python, Mocha, Chai, SQL, React Native, MongoDB, Mongoose, Heroku, jQuery
  • Some Familiarity: C++, Java, Perl, Solidity

  • BootstrapCSSExpressHTMLNodePostgresSQLReactReduxSequelize


    • B.O.S.S.

      A React Native application that allows users to browse and search for black-owned businesses they can support.

    • PoGo Raid

      Pogo Raid is a chat application that allows people in the Pokemon Go community to communicate conveniently. It was built using React, Sequelize, Apollo, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL.

    • pokepedia

      pokepedia is a single page application that provides information about various species of Pokémon by using GraphQL Pokémon. It was built using Apollo, GraphQL, React, Material UI, and React Bootstrap.

    • bluebird

      bluebird is a social networking website that allows people to meet new people and form connections. It was built using the MERN stack.


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